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stuff for sale or trade.....


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stuff for sale or trade.....

Post  drebies on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:48 am

1-OFNA TWIN TITAN,twin supercharged .18 engines(great compression on both)
has 2 rb innovation superchargers, fly wheels installed need to mount chargers yourself(....only need a roto gear will be am or fm....comes with alot of extras....shocks skidplates,original body with silver rollcage light mount.
i have a set of imex super kongs i will throw ini think i may have more parts laying around....400.00 or best offer

2-TEAM ASSOCIATED MGT mini 3.0,brand new ....bone stock never fired needs break in.
has reverse setup....i will include a 3 channel controller...they go for around 240.00 plus shipping on ebay....i only want 200.00 or best offer

3-TWIN SAVAGE!!!!here is a list of parts. alot of new era, golden horizons, some other stuff i forget right now.....this is long sorry.... chassis=250
lower arms 52
upper arms 36
steering setup 55
knuckles 70
hubs/steering block supports 60
shock towers 70
bulkhead braces 32
aluminum turn buckles 38
body mounts 45
bumper 40
bumper supports 40
steel spur gear 30
skid plates 40

aluminum shocks 80
i forget what brand...they are silver anodized

thats around 900bucks in parts....not including the original truck and parts tranny,diffs...ect. the truck is pretty much a roller you need engines,linkage,2 small fuel tanks...ect this is a great project....i will sell it a s a roller for
600.00 pretty firm on that price....and for 800.00 i will throw in two axial .28 engines,and tires,linkage,servos,a airtronics 2.4 radio....and whatever else it could use ....i have a roll cage that is supposed to fit a xtm mammoth but fits 600 bucks as a roller,or for 800 bucks,i will throw in probably another 500bucks worth of stuff!!!!!

what else.....
XTM-mini rage brushless...practically new ripped it around the track at rch once hit the wall just right and snapped the front steering knuckle...100 bucks take it home...ready to go besides the knuckle....rob extreme hobby can get xtm parts.

HPI rs4 evo- needs some work,and alot of cleaning,chassis is scuffed up pretty good,new ones are cheap...motor still has good compression....comes with a tool box of parts and misc tools...has carbon fiber towers...metal cvd....need new tires has two bodies....good little project for cheap....100$....dont have the time or room for this one

ofcourse trades are the best but make me an offer if you wat pics i can text them only....or i can show you them in person

i know i have some other stuff just cant think of it right now i will update later

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