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RC ArtAttack Snowmobile For Sale/Trade (TRADED)


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RC ArtAttack Snowmobile For Sale/Trade (TRADED)

Post  orgnoi1 on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:19 pm

Winters Coming!

I know I am going to kick myself for selling this... its a blast and VERY VERY fast on snow...

I am offering up a couple options... from mild to wild... I wont part ANY of the electronics unless the snowmobile sells first as a roller... The telemetry works and the sled with its rollout done will do 43mph (real speed) on the bench...

Here is the "Wild" BND setup... it includes everything:

ArtAttack Snowmobile which includes VXL ESC/Motor (custom motor mount), Traxxas 2055 Servo, Spektrum SR3300T RX (With Telemetry), SMC 3S/3400mah Battery, 4 Spare Hoods, 1 Set of Roller Skis $550 Shipped/Paypalled

Heres the "Mild" Roller setup:

ArtAttack Snowmobile which includes Custom Motor Mount, Traxxas 2055 Servo, 4 Spare Hoods, 1 Set of Roller Skis $250 Shipped/Paypalled

I am looking for an electric buggy... in the comparable price range... preferably a RC8Be or such... but I am easily tempted... if you have something for trade let me know via PM... although I need to add... I am not interested in minis or nitro at all... I got out of nitro this season... and we have a bunch of minis...

And here are the pics... please no drooling... its clean...

Ross M.
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