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Help your local Stores Help you: Search GREAT PLANES items and parts !

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Help your local Stores Help you: Search GREAT PLANES items and parts !

Post  DaveESPI on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:37 am

If you go to this page:

then where it has IN STORE COMSUMER, there are 2 boxes.

ENTER: 1595 in the first box.

ENTER: GRMANN in the second box.

THis will let you search the Great Planes Vendor for items you are seeking

WHen going to a local retailer, you should bring the GP item # and it will lead to less confusion on special order items and also will allow you the ability to look and see what is available beyond the IN-STORE stock and greatly speed up the special-order process.

Keep in mind, we are subject to BACK-ORDER status not always showing up and items that show available may not always be at the time the orders are filled, but atleast it gives a more precise idea of what and when things (mostly new items) are actualy available as opposed to the farce of E-BAY vendors who loist things that they most definately DO NOT have in stock as the manufactuers still have not released them.

Hope this is of some help! study


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