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Trish and racing...


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Trish and racing...

Post  orgnoi1 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:18 pm

I just wanted to clear up something that was bothering Trish... and in turn get people more comfortable with having an "on-location" race photographer....

Trish and I have been shooting moto-sports for a few years now... her being a bit more aggressive into it than I am...

Basically in a nutshell shes been hit with slashs, on road cars, crawlers, had dirt in her face, mud... you name it... she will position herself on the track to get her best shots but understands sometimes things happen and you are going to catch a car... yes it sucks to hit someone or be hit... so if at all possible PLEASE dont hit her (LOL) but no need to come over to apologise each time it happens or change your driving style to make it not happen...

I just wanted to get that out there so everyones not worried about it :cheers:

Ross M.
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Re: Trish and racing...

Post  Irishpub3 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:40 pm

Thanks Ross! Yea, I definitely don't want to affect or interfere with anyones racing... so I felt bad if I was causing any worry or making some of the drivers uncomfortable. I understand the risk fully when I position myself on the track, and I take full responsibility if I happen to get hit. A few bruises are worth a good photo or video to me!

I like catching the best action shots, so I have to stand where the best action is - and I've been hit with worse things than an RC car... soccer balls, a lacrosse stick, a few footballs, and even a football player LOL.

So please don't sweat it out there, I'm not fragile and I'll NEVER get upset at anyone if your car happens to hit me. I'm there because I love to shoot and I love sharing my pics... and because I support Ken and RC518's new racing series!!!
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Re: Trish and racing...

Post  BallisticBeach on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:58 pm

Im Sorry in Advancxe Trish!


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Re: Trish and racing...

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