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SCI-HO Race Rules. Offroad Classes.... not quite R.O.A.R.

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SCI-HO Race Rules. Offroad Classes.... not quite R.O.A.R.

Post  DaveESPI on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:14 pm

Im posting this here so it is UP and available for whatever purpose it is needed. Its in-depth, and a bit overkill, but for bylaws and general rules, they are necessary to prevent "issues" and rule skirters.


For Off Road Section Watervliet Science & Hobby Store League.

Updates to these rules: Whole paragraph is in Bold and marked *****
Please also see technical rules, battery and motor listings.
The use of Mobile Phones within the 10 feet of track boundaries during races is not permitted (radio interferance)

1. A maximum of two visits are permitted before a competitor must become a member of the W-S&H Race Club.
A new member upon which pays to join: is issued a membership card, receipt and copy of these club rules.
Such membership card must be carried to all Club race days.Membership is 10.00 per year for Affiliation with this Association.
2. Financial members of the W-S&H RC will have entry priority on Club race days.
3. An entry fee of $5.00 – Off Road per class. $10.00 – for non-member visitors is required up to the published entry closing time.
4. Public Liability Insurance coverage is not required.
5. All visitors intending to race must see the Race Registrar, where their name will be entered into the computer before
permission to race will be given.
6. Club race meetings will be conducted on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
7. N.A.
8. N.A.
9. Major race meetings may be conducted on the 4th Sunday unless otherwise notified in the Club postings (FACEBOOK).
10. Any club member may conduct a club event and should indicate their intention to the Committee at least one month prior to the
Club Rules as set by Race officials of Watervliet Science & Hobby
11. All members and visitors MUST WEAR ENCLOSED SHOES. No thongs, sandals, bare feet etc, are permitted within the
confines of the track. Failure to wear enclosed shoes will deem prevention to compete and will void any Liability Insurance.
12. All Club members will now be issued with their membership an official race number (this number indicates
their finishing position in the Club Championhip – Off Road or On Road) which is to be placed on the
vehicle window and windscreen and to be visable to the race director. This number is to be worn
at all times except during State or National competitons where the hosting organisations require you
to wear another number. Said number may be chosen by each member at time of sign up if it is not already taken ****

1. Radio equipment and its operation must conform to Government Regulations.
2. A competitor may run any radio equipment or receiver battery configuration they see fit. Modifications to permit access to
the crystals is permitted.
3. No transmitters are allowed to be taken on the track during races.
Note: All drivers must have at least three (3) frequencies available at race meetings within a period of four (4)
months of joining the club. Spektrum Radios (2.4Ghz) are now accepted at all our race meetings.
4. Radios should have changeable frequencies. In the case of frequency conflict, the higher qualifier retains their preferred
frequency and the lower qualifier must change.(SPEKTRUM OMMITTED)
5. Race Officials shall provide procedures to ensure that no more than one transmitter is on any one frequency (crystal) in any
one heat.
1. These are the officials generally required to conduct a meeting. In some cases, one person may handle more than one job.
a) Race Director - In charge of meeting, supervises all activities.
b) Registrar - Records information on entrants, checks entrants qualifications, collect fees etc.
c) Scrutineer - Inspects cars for compliance to club rules and car specifications at the time of registration or as requested by the
Race Director.
d) Starter or Lap Scorer - Gives signals to start and stop races, monitors conduct of racers and individual cars, responsible
for detecting track boundary violations and warning offenders.
e) Clerk of the Course - Makes final decision in all matters, subject to appeals submitted to the Clubs committee on race days.
f) Lap Scorers or Timers - Responsible for accurate timing and lap counting of races, keeps starter informed of race
progress, ensures satisfactory reporting of race results.(If needed)

1. All inexperienced members or visitors will start their racing career in the Novice class.
2. Novice drivers will be moved to the next progression class when there is a noticeable improvement in their driving skills,
when Novice drivers have Top Qualified and won their Novice final on three (3) or more occasions, when drivers are continually
doing the same or similar laps of the next class of progression (2wd or 4wd Stock).
3. Novice drivers will not be moved up to the next stage eg. 2wd Junior, Senior or Truck until they meet a criterion as set
down by the Committee of the Club. This criterian will be constantly updated to be an effective form of grading and information will
be made available to the Novice drivers as they begin their race career.
1. Entries must be lodged by the appropriate time as announced by the Race Officials.
2. Sunday Race Meeting entries will be open between the time of 10:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m, so that racing will start at 11.30
a.m. promptly.
2a. Entries for club events must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Drivers must show their current Club
membership card if requested by the Race Lap Scorer.
3. Cars may be scrutineered after entries have been received, and drivers will be called to a Drivers Meeting where they will
be advised of frequency allocation, colour of race flag, heat number and Class.
4. All transmitters must remain in the pit area - in the OFF position, unless instructed otherwise. Radios must not be turned
on until the driver, car and radio are on the Starting Grid and then only turned on when instructed to do it.
5. Any driver turning on their radio in the Pit Area will lose their best race for the day if there is a frequency issue that causes race errors.
If a driver is given more than one (1) warning, they will disqualified from the days race schedule.

1. Cars failing to conform with any of the specifications set out elsewhere in these rules will not be allowed to compete until
rectified. If cars are signifigantly altered after competition has stated, drivers will be disqualified from the whole event.
2. A driver cannot substitute cars once the original car entered has passed scrutineering or has competed in one heat, unless
other cars are also scrutineered and use the same frequency in even of damages beyond repair in pit time allowed.
3. Drivers of Novice vehicles are permitted to race provided they use any of the ROAR xx approved stock motors as per the
motor list, may be used.
4. Novice drivers are prohibited from using any MODIFIED OR BRUSHLESS MOTOR whilst they are in the Novice class. The use of these
motors during a race meeting will mean disqualification from the event.
5. Novice drivers at an Off Road meeting may use either a 27 turn, 24 degree rebuildable stock motor or a PUTNAM 540 class
silver can legal race motor.
6. Each CLASS will determine the running allowable specifications as per the decision of the majority of racers.

1. All cars fitted with a 1/10th scale body need to cover at least 3/4 the vehicle and be apropriate to the CLASS.
2. The car body shall be within the class rules and must be in the spirit of the event. All lexan bodies must be painted,
unpainted bodies are not permitted unless express consent is given for extrenuating circumstances (damage replacement).
3. A maximum battery specification shall be one (1) x 7.2 volts, 1200 mAh to 4200maH drive power packs, using standard sub
'C' cells. Lipo Batteries are illegal for racing in this OFF ROAD club at present for NOVICE & VINTAGE CLASSES ONLY. ****
4. Any car may be subject to scrutineering during or at the end of the race day. Any car found to be outside the club rules will
be disqualified from the results.
5. Competing vehicles must use the allocated lap scoring transponder or personal transponder. Failure to do so, will result in
no race score.

1. Heat races may be mixed grades and qualifiers of each grade will go into their respective finals and will be run separately.
In the case of a clash of frequency, the higher qualifier will normally retain their frequency in the finals.
2. No car will be driven at any time in reverse of the track traffic that is considered an unreasonable distance. A driver must
be careful not to hit the throttle when a marshall is handling the car.
3. A Black Flag warning will be given to a driver whose driving or car operation constitutes a hazard to the other cars in the
A Black Flag register will be kept and if three (3) warnings appear against any one name during the days racing, the driver will be
disqualified from the days racing.
4. If a driver ignores the Black Flag warning they will be disqualified from that race.
5. A car must finish the race under it's own power, it cannot be pushed by a Marshall or bystander. It a car is pushed over the
finish line, the driver will lose those race laps and time.
6. Unsportsman like driving (such as bashing,intentional hitting of other cars, short coursing, or deliberate corner cutting) is not allowed.
Anyone doing so, may be incur a penalty from that particular.
7. Abusive language by a driver, marshall or any official will not be tolerated. Immediate disqualification from the race
Club Rules as set by Language and Profanity as per members decision for a meeting or the track confines will result.
All drivers and spectators during a live race heat or final will refrain from speaking unnecessarily to others, as it is a distraction whilst on the drivers stand.
8. Drivers must marshall the race immediately following their race. Drivers in the last heat must marshall for the first race of
the day. Failure to marshall will incur a loss of that marshals highest qualifying laps on the day. A second offence at the same race
meeting will mean disqualification from the meeting.
9. Substitute marshals will be accepted only in extreme situations and must be approved by the Race Director. In the case of
substitute marshals, the original driver is responsible for the actions of the substitute marshall.
10. Race cars MUST NOT BE REPAIRED ON THE RACE TRACK. No tools or the removal of the body is permitted. Ball
joints may be reconnected, or any minor repairs may be done provided no tools are used.
11. A car running on the track has the right of way over a car that has gone off the track, turned over or otherwise has had
problems. Marshals MUST treat all cars equally.

1. Lap Scoring will be done using the latest version of available software and electronic Transponders. Personal
transponders may be used (provided transponder number is given at time of entry registration).
2. Cars MUST pass over the Start/Finish line to record a lap. Cars breaking down on the circuit and returning to the pits
MUST rejoin the race from the designated re-entry area (usually where the car left the track).
3. Cars will not receive a lap until they pass the Start or Finish line (transponder loop).
4. In the event of the hooter-horn sounding (computer lap scoring) this means an instant stop because there has been a
malfunction within the system or the track is not safe, or a loudspeaker voice of the STARTER person saying "ALL CARS STOP STOP STOP". All cars MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.
5. Any driver found creeping at the start line will be sent to the back of the grid. Should that driver incur another warning they
will be disqualified from the race.
6. All cars are to be SWITCHED OFF when the heat or final is completed. Drivers are requested to NOT TO DRIVE
AROUND THE TRACK after the event has been completed until all other competetors vehicles and persons are clear of possible injury.
7. The drive battery pack MUST NOT BE CHANGED during a race of five (5) minute plus the last lap duration.

JUDGING OF BEST PRESENTED CAR. Each week there will be a New Themed contest to be anounced.
1. The following categories, each to rate ten (10) points maximum for a possible total of one hundred (100) points are to be
used in judging concourses at Club events. Some considerations that may help judge each category are listed for reference. The
final score is to be based upon comparative judgement between competing cars. Possable catagories can be some of the following or an undisclosed additional catagory(s):
a) Authenticity - scale accuracy.
b) Body Shell - altered commercial, commercial, doors, grill etc.
c) Exterior Finish - authentic colour, detail quality, artificial or realistic.
d) Cockpit Detail - instruments, driver detail, accessories and seats.
e) Authenticity - Body Off - looks like original tub, frame detail etc.
f) Chassis, Running Gear, Wheels, Tyres - modified, commercial.
g) Radio Placement - hidden, partially hidden, apparent.
h) Working Features - lights, doors etc.
i) Operation, Under Power - competitive, average or barely operates.
j) Overall Effect - workmanship, presentation etc.
k) Cleanliness, or "Worst mess".
l) T.B.A. Gag or Joke/ humor catagory

2. Classes:
- Display - non raced, but must be fitted with radio control gear.
- Raced - must have been raced during the year and have done at least 3 race meetings.
- Novelty - anything goes.
Club Rules as set by Sydney Radio Control Off Road Car Club Inc. 1 January 2007 5
3. Trophy for "overall winner will be issued once per season based on cumulitive points for each week.
4. N.A.

1. Radio equipment may be inspected at any time during the event.
2. The USA frequencies should be:
29.725=10 26.995=12 29.765=14 29.785=16 29.805=18 29.825=20 29.845=22 29.864=24 29.885=26 29.908=28 29.925=30
29.945=32 29.965=34 29.985=36
26.970=1 26.995=2 27.020=3 27.045=4 27.070=5 27.095=6 27.120=7 27.145=8 27.170=9 20.195=10 27.220=11
Drivers may use between 40.665Mhz and 40.995Mhz, inclusive, in increments of 0.010Mhz.

Spectrum Radio Systems are permitted and encouraged to reduce possible interferences.
3. Competitors found using any other frequencies, in racing or practice, may be disqualified from the event. No reversal of
crystals will be allowed.
4. Drivers must have a spare frequency to change to upon request of the Race Director. In the event of a frequency clash the
lower qualifier must change.
5. Transmitters must not be taken onto the track at any time during a race, or onto placed on the Starting Grid.
6. A maximum of 4 control devices may be used (ie., two servo’s or a servo and a speed controller with brakes or failsafe).
7. Gyros are not allowed.
8. At major events transmitters may be impounded after open practice and will only be released for official racing.
Transmitters will be released at the end of the days racing or it the entrant is leaving the event.
9. During open practice, frequency pegs must be used and returned immediately after use. A ten minute limit may be
enforced if courtesy is not given to drivers on the same frequency.
10. Transmitters should not be powered by more that 8 AA size cells, each with a maximum of 1.5 Volts. There is no restriction on
the capacity (amp hours) of these batteries.
11. A separate battery pack may be used to power the transmitter.
12. The Race Director may delay the start of a race due to radio interference. Anyone not on their assigned frequency may be
disqualified from that heat or final if prior warnings have been given..

Bumpers, nerf-bars, rollcages are optional and recommended. Any bumper must be of a shock absorbing material. No sharp protrusions from the front of the car are

All drivers will complete in at least 3 heats and 2 finals - entrant numbers as the decider.
1. Novice heats and finals will be run for 5 minute plus last lap duration.
2. Stock heats and finals will be run for 5 minute plus last lap duration.
3. Truck heats and finals will be run for 5 minute plus last lap duration.
4. Modified heats and finals will be run for 5 minute plus last lap duration.

Refer to W-S&H OFFICIAL rules for Off Road Electric Classes.
Each competitor will be issued with a colour / number coded transponder at the time of Registration. This transponder must be
Club Rules as set by W-S&H inserted into the body of the vehicle prior to the drivers race, and returned at the conclusion of the race,
unless the driver is in possession of a personal transponder unit.
A drivers meeting may be held each day before the commencement of racing. It is compulsory for all drivers to attend this meeting.
Finals will consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of ten (10) drivers and will be grid starts.
An audible four (4) minute, three (3) minute, two (2) minute, (1) minute and an audible count down of last ten (10) seconds will be
given before the finish of the current race.
At this time drivers for the next race will continue to the transmitter impound (if effective), collect their transmitters, fit transponders (if
required) and assemble at the drivers stand. Transmitters must not be turned on until instructed by the Race Director. Drivers and
transmitters are not allowed on the starting grid or track at anytime during a race.
A one (1) minute warning will be given before the start of the race.
A thirty (30) second warning will be given. Pit crews must leave the racing surface when instructed by the Race Director.
A ten (10) second warning will be given. After the ten (10) second warning no other cars will be allowed on the racing surface until
after the race has begun, at which time the pit crew may place a car onto the starting grid only.
The start of a race will be by an audible signal either by computer or orally.
Definition of a Jump Start is when a car jumps its grid line. (eg. The whole car passes over the start grid line).
If there is a jump start (a minimum of three (3) cars) the Race Director will stop and restart the race, the offending driver/s will be
If the same driver/s offend a second time, during the same race meeting, a penalty of ten (10) seconds will be given. For a third
offence a penalty of one (1) lap will apply. Any further offence will mean disqualification from the meeting.
During racing only the drivers taking part in the current race are allowed on the drivers stand. The drivers stand is out of bounds to
all other persons (except officials).
Drivers must not leave the drivers stand during his/her race, otherwise a penalty may be incurred.
1. Marshalling shall be done by the drivers or a substitute who has been authorised by the Race Director.
2. The Race Director must be told of a substitute marshal prior to the marshal being required.
3. All marshals shall be at their designated point by the end of the 30 seconds to the start warning.
4. Marshals must not perform repairs on vehicles in place of their normal duties. An inoperative vehicle must be placed
upside down outside the track for collection by the pit crew.
5. Drivers must marshal the race following theirs or as directed by the organisers.
6. Only Race Officials and marshals are allowed on the track whilst a race is in progress.
7. Failure to marshal during qualifying heats, may result in a 1 lap penalty from the driver’s best final score of the day and a
warning will apply to the driver.
8. Failure to marshal during finals or final, may result in a 1 lap penalty from the driver’s best final score of the day and a
warning will apply to the driver.
9. Failure to marshal where there is no finals or qualifying, may result in a 1 lap penalty from the driver’s best final score of the
day and a warning will apply to the driver.

1. All participants must strictly observe the instructions of the Race Director and Officials.
2. The use of any filthy or abusive language to OR directed at any member or official of the Club (unless in a joking mannor) will not be tolerated and WILL AT
event and that person will be prohibited from taking part in any Club functions for a period of (2) 2 weeks, upon which reentering
to the club will mean said person will be required to present themselves & give satisfactory reasons or appology and why said person/s should be permitted to
rejoin the club and its activities. Club Rules as set by Watervliet Science & Hobby Race Club.
3. The consumption of alcohol or non prescription drugs by drivers or officials during the race meeting is not permitted without permission.
4. Warnings may be issued, to a Driver, by the Race Director and appointed Referees for the following:
a. Unsportsmanlike driving or behaviour.
b. Intentional hitting of other vehicles.
c. Consistent or deliberate corner cutting.
d. Driving in a manner dangerous to other vehicles, et., driving against traffic.
e. Deliberate swerving to block a vehicle attempting to pass. Note: A driver is permitted to hold their racing line when in front
of a vehicle if both vehicles are on the same lap.
f. Drivers failing to give way to faster cars during qualifying.
g. Drivers failing to give way to lapping cars during racing.
h. Abusive language or swearing.
i. Abusing marshals
j. Pit Crews going onto the track during a race.
k. Coaching of drivers during a race.
l. Failing to pass scrutineering.
m. Failing to marshal.
n. Failing to return a transponder.
o. Failing to obey instructions of officials.
p. Jumping the start.
q. Using reverse – unless in Novice class or to correct errors.
r. Other misconduct.
A combination of two (2) warnings in any race, may result in the disqualification of the offending driver from that race.
A combination of three (3) warnings on any day, may result in the disqualification of the offending driver from the days racing.
(Removal of car from the track). A black flag may be issued for the following reasons: -
a) After two (2) or three (3) warnings have been issued.
b) Cars judged to be in an undrivable-drivable or dangerous condition by the Race Director. These cars may be allowed to return
to the race after being repaired.
c) Cars loosing their body or can re-enter the race after body has been re-attached.
The Race Director may appoint two (2) referees to observe the racing and report any infringements to the race rules.
1. The consumption of any alcohol or the use of any drugs is prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the track, or
within the grounds of the Club by anyone under the age of 21.
2. Smoking, drinking or eating is NOT prohibited within the track boundaries whilst marshalling.
12 APPEALS: (Lap count checking).
1. Appeals, or verbal protests regarding any decision by an official, including lap counting results or warnings, must be lodged
Club Rules as set by Sydney Radio Control Off Road Car Club Inc. 1 January 2007 8
with the Race Director immediately after the posting of that event’s results, or the decision concerned.
2. Should the Race Director’s decision on the matter be disputed or considered unsatisfactory the person concerned may lodge an
Official Protest


-Stock Motors
-Truck Style Bodies
-6-cell Batteries or LIPO if agreed upon
-Rubber Tires, No Pan Car Wheels

-Any 17 turn motor or higher
-Any ESC
-Rubber tires
-NICAD or NiMH 6 cell only.

-No Restrictions other than Stock VSR Traxxas ESC and motor (if Brushless).



-Any 1/18th Scale Car or Truck
-Stock Losi pr Associated Motors (Silver Can) or Reedy 19turn Stamp Puller
-Foam Tires or Non-Aggressive Rubbers
-6-cell Batteries, no more than 1400


-No more than 8000kv motor. If you would like anything larger, you must get the ok from the other members in the class.

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